Wednesday 23 January 2019
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4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas


If you are considering a home renovation you may have come to the point where planning the amount of work involved becomes overwhelming.  What you need to do is decide if you want to tackle the bigger projects first and then break those down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

For example Renovco bathroom renovations can be the most complex. Bathroom renovations involve so much more than just paint and other aesthetics.  Sure, you might replace a fixture, but you may also have to reroute plumbing or wiring and that can not only be complex but also costly and even dangerous. These are precision jobs, after all.

Still, renovating a bathroom can be a smart investment, if you do it right.  The media cost for a bathroom remodel, in 2016, has been about $26,000. However, when you resale your home, you could recoup nearly 60 percent of the costs.


Moving to “green” showers, toilets, and sinks certainly saves you money but it also will be more appealing to potential buyers. More importantly, though, if you are not messing with the plumbing, fixtures are easy to replace—and you could even do it yourself.


It is not easy to expand an existing bathroom so if you need more space it might be smarter to find ways to make better use of the space you have.  Thus, employ a little creativity with cabinetry and shelving to improve the existing space but you can also install tiles with engaging patterns as well as a glass door to make the space seem more open than it is.


Much like with plumbing, it may not be easy to simply rewire the bathroom so when it comes to upgrading the lighting, you want to consider how you can use what you already have. Instead of installing a new lighting scheme, then, consider using energy efficient bulbs and, perhaps, new fixtures that disperse light in a better way.


Obviously, a bathroom needs ventilation—for many reasons. When ventilation is working properly you don’t even notice it (and that is kind of the point).  But it is more than just moisture and odor:  ventilation also helps to reduce the presence of allergens and mold, improving comfort and efficiency as well.