Wednesday 23 January 2019
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A Great Idea in Shutters

A Great Idea in Shutters

When people think of shutters, sometimes the image they have is of wooden sections on hinges that swing out from a window when it is time to let some light and air into the room. This traditional style is still popular, to some extent. But today there are new styles and new colours, which means there are new ways to add to the appearance and utility of your windows, doors and skylights.

Companies now offer products that are as useful and provide as much protection as the older designs, but require less maintenance (and will usually last quite a bit longer). Roller shutters can be custom made for your home or building, and can be professionally installed for a reasonable price. All of this follows a consultation with experts who can make recommendations and suggestions that fit your needs. Best of all, there is no obligation as you discuss the solution for your business or home.

A Great Idea in Shutters1

Effective and Affordable

Aluminium is used to provide both light weight and durability. The roll-up design is very efficient, allowing you to block the sun in warm weather and the wind when colder temperatures arrive, and have the windows covered or open when you choose. Shutters can be operated manually or by electric power, retracting up and out of the way when you want the windows and skylights to be used. They may also be installed to cover doorways, providing an extra level of security and protection for businesses.

When they are designed and manufactured specifically for your home or building, you will immediately notice the protection against wind, debris and UV rays from the sun. In addition, the design includes an auto-locking feature that is perfect for homes and retail shops that want additional security and protection from damage. You may also be able to reduce your utility costs with professionally installed shutters, because they are insulated and can reduce heat/cold transfer by as much as 90 percent.

A Great Idea in Shutters

Shutters can be made to cover a span up to 3.6 metres in width. If there is a need for larger coverage, the individual spans can be supported by individual vertical supports, called mullions, between the units. It is also possible to maintain ventilation when the shutters are closed, as they are fitted with small holes to allow some air movement. This is an excellent feature for buildings and homes that, at times, rely on natural air movement for comfort.

Improve Your Value

People who have used this shutter type on a previous home often have them installed on a new home, simply because they are so effective and so convenient to use. They also report that these attractive and efficient additions increase the value of their property when it comes time to sell. The shutters are made using only the best materials, and the service teams are well-trained and experienced.

If you are considering shutters for your residential windows, the windows of your business location, or for another special situation, contact a company that takes the process from design and creation to expert installation.