Monday 22 October 2018
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Bifold Doors Increase Available Space

Bifold Doors Increase Available Space

Whilst folding doors have generally been chosen for pantries, they are now incorporated into contemporary designs for home interiors. The bifold patio door is the ideal choice for a limited space as well as for areas that require more privacy. Bifold doors are often chosen as alternatives for French doors and sliding doors that are placed in front of patios or closet openings. Before you can realise the true benefits of the doors, you have to understand a little bit about their function.

Bifold Doors1

How a Bifold Door is Built

A bifold patio door opens outwards and is built with two narrow panels instead of one panel that is used for a regular door. The narrow panels are linked with hinges as well as an overhead track, which ensures that the door alignment is proper when the doors are opened or shut. The doors open up from side to side whilst the pivots at the top and bottom of a door’s frame secure and hold the open panels in place.

Bifold doors that are used for closets, for example, are usually used for those that make up a smaller space. Whilst French doors or sliding doors are used for closets as well, they do have some limitations. French doors tend to consume quite a bit of swing space and thus limit movement around the adjoining area. If your closet is located inside a washroom or bedroom, the installation can be a challenge. If the bedroom is smaller, you close the doors or open a single panel whilst keeping the other closed. Otherwise, you cannot move around easily.

A sliding door can be problematic, as viewing the entire closet is not possible. Because sliding doors slide sideways, you have to either access the right or left side of the closet. This can present issues when you are in a hurry and want to dress quickly. Nobody wants to keep moving doors to the left or right whilst trying to reach for clothes, makeup, jewellery or shoes, especially if they are stored in different corners of a closet.

Bifold Installations

Like bifold patio doors, bifold doors for closets offer obvious benefits when compared to other door designs. Both patio doors and closet doors of this type offer space efficiency. Because they consume less swing space, they allow you to move freely about your room. If the door is installed in front of a closet, the entire space can be accessed since the bifold opens on either side, or on one side, in the case of narrower openings.

Bifold Doors

If you’d like a bifold door, you can choose a bespoke style that can be customised to fit any type of portal. It does not matter if it is small, wide, or narrow in size. The doors are also simple to install. You don’t need to have the doors professionally fitted. Therefore, they can be part of a money-saving home do-it-yourself project.

Bifold doors, whether they are fitted in front of a patio or closet, suit the needs of all budgets. The doors are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs as well. Everyone who installs a bifold door soon finds out that these doors not only expand their living area, they also make it easier to function in the space as well.