Wednesday 23 January 2019
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Increase Your Space without the Fuss

Increase Your Space without the Fuss

outside the main house and enjoy a level of privacy they would otherwise not receive. This is especially enjoyable if your home is filled with young children and excitable pets, such as small dogs. Whether you simply wish to build a private space for your guests, or want to build a second home to enjoy during the off seasons, a log cabin is the best choice. These rustic, beautiful additions to any property are extremely high-quality and can be fitted with just a bed and bathroom, or with all the facets of a normal home. Winter is beautiful, and your getaway home should reflect that beauty with the highest level of luxury inside and out. What better way to make that happen than with a brand new log cabin?

Increase Your Space without the Fuss

Durable and Long Lasting

A properly maintained log cabin will not only look beautiful, but last for decades. The decision to add a log cabin to your property is one future generations can enjoy as if it were still brand new. Unlike other traditional styles, log cabins are timeless in structure and will always have a high resale value due to their appearance and high level of durability.

Use Them to Extend Your Home

Home extensions are extremely expensive, and they can take months to complete. However, your log cabin is guaranteed to be delivered within seven days within a certain size range. No matter what the size, your log cabin will arrive and stand finished far sooner and for far less money than a home extension. With this, you also give your guests the opportunity to sleep


Whatever the size of your budget, you can get the perfect log cabin to suit your needs. From simple storage space to three bedroom homes equipped with a kitchen and multiple bathrooms, there is no end to what you can do with your options. In fact, you are guaranteed the highest quality wood whatever the size of your log cabin, and you will always save money.

Efficient Insulation

Unlike traditional homes, a log cabin is perfect for keeping warm air inside during winter and outside during summer. Wood is one of the most efficient insulators you could use, which is why so many homeowners choose to use hardwood flooring in their homes. Over time, you will begin to notice a marked difference in your energy consumption within your new log cabin. In just one year, you will have saved hundreds without doing a single thing differently.

Increase Your Space without the Fuss1

Stand Out from the Herd

With so many houses falling into familiar building patterns, you have the chance to stand out and really make a mark on your neighbourhood. A log cabin is beautiful at any angle, and you deserve that amazing aesthetic for the lowest cost. Within your log cabin, the opportunities for decoration are limitless. Continue the rustic theme with rich browns and other earthy colours, or spice things up with bright blues and yellows. Adorn the walls with decorative buck antlers, or cover them in modern art. There is no limit to the way you can make your new log cabin your own and turn the heads of neighbours passing by. You earned the right to have a space you own in every way, so get invested now while summer is still young.