Wednesday 23 January 2019
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Room Makeovers in No Time

Room Makeovers in No Time

Renovco home makeovers might be all the rage right now but this is not just a fad. Renovating a home can bring not only more value, but also more life to your property.  But, of course, not everyone has the time—and, more importantly, the money—to renovate.  Fortunately, there are several simple—and likely inexpensive—ways to makeover a room to make it feel new.


One of the easiest—and most efficient—ways to renovate on a budget is to simply start getting rid of things you don’t need, and then organizing the things you do need.  Simply clearing away clutter can do wonders for a space, opening it up to more light; and you might also find it less stressful when it is easier to find things you are looking for.



It may not be financially feasible to fix or replace the upholstery of your furniture but you could bring new life to older pieces with a simple slip cover.  This can also be a great way to change the color scheme of your home and it would even let you change that color scheme and style regularly to keep your home feeling fresh and new.


You may not have the time or money to upgrade the carpeting to hardwood or to repaint every wall but you can upgrade some details at a much lower cost. Think of changing out cabinet knobs and pulls or even getting new doors with more detail.  Similarly, think about new curtains and rods or a better throw rug or runner.  There are many ways to add color and other details to give a room new life.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room but you don’t even need to change the paint on the walls. In fact, simply adding some dark colors in details will add contrast and give the space a new, maybe even exotic feel.  Throw some Spanish brown, dark green, etc, on baseboards or crown molding, or just around the borders of a window and ceiling.

You might even consider paint or paneling details behind shelving. If the shelves are built into the walls then you will remove all the items and address each shelf separately; but you if you have shelving unit with an open back you could remove it from the wall and line the background.