Saturday 16 February 2019
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Choose Composite Decking Over Wood for Boosting your Home Exteriors

Choose Composite Decking Over Wood for Boosting your Home Exteriors

Wood may be a good option for people, who love natural touch at home. However, it completely depends on how you maintain it. A regular maintenance of wood to maintain its shine and to remove stain is a tedious job. After monsoon or winter, there may be instance where you would have to fill it with sand to maintain the flooring. The most difficult job is to keep insects and termites away from wood.

All these factors were taken into consideration and composite deck were introduced. They are wood fibers, fillers that are compressed well and heated nicely to give it a heat and weather resistant structure. Since it contains fiber therefore, there is no tension of discoloration and also give you an impression of natural wood. A combination of used wood and plastic makes it resistant to heat and water, thereby keeping away rotting and warp. 

If you’re looking for good composite deck then opt for fiberon decking. Not all companies can provide you good quality composite decking. Fiberon is one company that uses recycled material to maintain a cleaner environment. They help in sustaining jobs of local people to make sure that the economy is balanced.

Still, if you’re considering for a natural wood deck then here are some of the difference I would like to bring in your notice –

  • Pressure treated lumber are cheap in price and are easily available. However, they aren’t easy to maintain because in two or three years this material, cracks, warps and fades in color if not maintained well.

  • You can also use soft woods like cedar and redwood that contain certain natural oil to keep insects and termites away. However, due to its softness, it is unable to bear the harshness of weather and is very expensive to purchase.
  • Exotic woods like cumaru, tigerwood, mahogany, red tauari and massaranduba also contain natural oil and are hard wood. To make good decks you would always need a screwdriver to pierce holes or metal fasteners, but they cannot bear UV rays for long thus, need a coating every year or two.

Consider all these factors properly before selecting the material for your deck. Maintaining a deck isn’t easy if you’re busy all-day long. Every year you need a power wash to remove stains and scratches from the deck. This can lead to wear and tear and color fade. Thus, think harder before investing on something that might ask for maintenance every year.