Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Space-Saving Decorating Tips For Your Studio Apartment

Space-Saving Decorating Tips For Your Studio Apartment

Owning a studio apartment is a dream of almost all singles out there. If you are listed on the card, know some cool tips of decorating the apartment with the latest furnishing and artwork. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have a separate bedroom or living room. With smart planning and space-saving furniture tips you can conveniently give an edgy look to your studio apartment.

Stylish Boxes

You can get Vintage wooden boxes to store goods. This will be a unique way of storing clothes, books, or any of your important possession. Use the box as a side-table of center table in front or beside the sofa. If you are not having a descent closet that most Americans can’t think of a life without, these vintage boxes can be your great alternatives.



The Japanese futons are much in vogue these days. People enjoy lolling on that during the daytime as sofas and again use it as a mattress to sleep at night. You can save the space by not getting a bed. Instead of that, think of a fluffy futon. This will be economic and space-saving as well.

Wireless Setup

Keep your one-room apartment wireless to give it a sophisticated touch. Your studio apartment will look fabulous if no sign of long handing wires are there. Get a good electrician that can plan the wiring under the carpet tiles. Get potted plants to hire the coiled wires if there are any.


Smart wall décor

Along with using the wall racks to store books, decorative items or kitchen goodies, you can also use the wall to portray wonderful artwork like the Metal letters for wall. Also hang nice posters, oil painting, replicas of artwork, sculptures and so on.

So, this is how you can use decorate your studio apartment.