Saturday 16 February 2019
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Top 4 Times When You Need A Self-Storage Unit

Top 4 Times When You Need A Self-Storage Unit

The storage units Chandler ensure multipurpose storage for the homeowners or business owners. At times, many of you fall short of space while renovating, moving or for storing the hobby items. But there is no need to worry if there is a suitable self-storage facility available in the locale. Let’s check out when you will need the self-storage units—

Get more free space in your home—

If you and your family are living in a smaller house, you can remove some extra belongings to the nearby self-storage facility to get more free space for the family. Let the children play around the space that remained crammed with the furniture or loads of home furnishing stuff. Keep those that you need daily or for the sake of decorating the living area. You can move the rest items in the self-storage unit and get more room for the kids or the pets that you have at home.

Store your Car and Boats

There is no need to cram up the garage with the clutter in your domicile. Instead of making the garage suffocating and stuffy-you can move the boat, ski goods, fishing rods, camp accessories, and other adventure or sports goods in the self-storage units you have rented. The storage facilities allow the provisions to park cars and large vehicles like trucks, RVs, SUVs, vans etc in their property as well. If you don’t have ample space to park the large vehicle that you own for the personal or commercial purpose, you can rent a sought after storage facility and move your vehicles there.

During Renovation/ construction

Both home and business owners can move their belongings to the self-storage units during renovation or any constructions. Instead of moving the belongings to the friends’ place or any other unreliable area, it is always suggested to rent a secured self-storage unit and move the belongings. The places are highly secured with flexible accessibility. You can easily store the office belongings and that of your residence in the storage units for as many days as you want. Usually, they charge per month, but you can talk about it before moving the belongings. If you are sure about the time you need to finish the renovation you can also deal for a package price. But you need to move out the things within the time frame.


When you are traveling, you can move the prized possessions in the self-storage units. This can be safe altogether. Instead of expecting your friend to stay at your place to protect your home from the burglars, you should rent a self-storage unit and move the important things especially the expensive decorative, jewelry, cash etc in the self-storage unit. By doing that, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation with the family.

Apart from installing the security cameras or the smart alarm systems, you should also be responsible for protecting the expensive belongings of yours. You can also move the car into the facility and stay away from the anxiety of keeping the new car behind.